Queens Museum, Nueva York


This Plantón Móvil was produced in collaboration with local communities and the Queens Museum. It focused on plant-human relationships and migrations to explore how, for immigrant communities, plants can connect us to our heritage as well as to the green spaces of a city. We organized a series of workshops co-facilitated by Ana Maria Quispe, Claudia Urdanivia, and Lucia Monge. We partnered with NYC Parks and received a generous donation of 300 plants from Citywide Nursery as well as a white oak tree from John Bowne High School Agriculture!

Este Plantón Móvil se organizó en colaboración con comunidades locales y el Museo de Queens y exploró la manera en la que, desde la perspectiva de comunidades migrantes, las plantas nos conectan con nuestras raíces y con los parques públicos de una ciudad. Organizamos una serie de talleres facilitados por Claudia Urdanivia, Ana María Quispe y Lucia Monge. Contamos con la colaboración del NYC Parks y recibimos una generosa donación de 300 plantas del Citywide Nursery además de un roble blanco del Programa de Agricultura de John Bowne High School!